Course Design:
Engaging Students

This micro-course offers faculty helpful resources for creating learning experiences that promote student engagement in-person and online.  At the end of this one-hour course, participants will earn a digital badge of completion to share on social media and their CV.
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Course Design:
Engaging Students

Welcome to the fifth micro-course of our Course Design series! We are thrilled you have decided to check out our short course on engaging students. The Course Design series incorporates course design tutorials and resources combined with self-assessment and reflection exercises focused on key instructional topics. This experience is an opportunity to build upon or enhance higher education course design skills and to create multiple products.

This one-hour course contains video tutorials, sample learning activities and tools,  and a playlist of resources on how to select and create learning experiences and assignments that promote student engagement.  At the end of this course, participants will need to pass the self-assessment to receive the digital badge of completion.  In addition to the digital badge, participants that complete all five courses in the Course Design series will receive a certificate of completion from the Studio for Teaching & Learning Innovation at William & Mary.

By the end of this course, instructors will be able to:
-Implement instructional strategies that foster an inclusive and engaging environment for all students.
-Create experiences that promote student engagement.
-Select appropriate tools that can be used to enhance student engagement and collaboration.

We hope you find the learning activities and resources in this course valuable. The folks at STLI are here to help at any stage of your journey teaching at William & Mary!

Amanda Morris

For technical questions on accessing course content or scheduling a follow up consultation, please feel free to get in touch with Amanda Morris, Instructional Designer at the Studio for Teaching & Learning Innovation.
Patrick Jones - Course author